Der Tennisplatz am Boulevard Bineau (1891-92). Von links nach rechts: Gabriel Trarieux, Pierre Pouquet, Mademoiselle X., Proust (kniend), Jeanne Pouquet (die spätere Madame Gaston de Caillavet, auf einem Stuhl stehend), ein kleines Mädchen, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Schwarz.

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"habt ihr euch natürlich kennengelernt oder im internet?"

Diego, 26, is set up, through a mutual friend, on a blind date with Erika, 26. The two of them get along well and continue dating. After their seventh date, Diego decides to figure out if he likes Erika enough to continue a relationship with her.

First, Diego examines the opinions he has formed about Erika. He likes that she is friendly and mellow, but is less than thrilled that at times she can be boring and self-centered. He is physically attracted to her and he thinks their chemistry is amazing. He knows he is not yet in love with her. Diego synthesizes this information in what he feels is a logical way: since he likes four of the six aspects he identified (her friendliness, how mellow she is, her looks and great chemistry), he proceeds to pursue a relationship with Erika.

Although the decision to be with Erika may end up being right or wrong for him, Diego's process in making that decision was faulty. What he should have done was separate each of the factors he thought about into the Relationship Essential categories. What this does is make sure that Diego is thinking about Personality Fit, Magnetism and Love separately.

"There is a man who stands in an art gallery while a colleague fires bullets into his arm. This is art. There is the lavishly tattoed man who has himself fitted with a crown of thorns. This is art. There is the woman who makes paintings with her vagina. This is art. There are the naked man and woman who charge into each other repeatedly at increasing speeds. This is art, sex and aggression. There is the man in women´s bloody underwear who humps a mountain of hamburger meat. This is art, sex, aggression, cultural criticism and truth. There is the man who drives nails into his penis. This is just truth."

Don DeLillo: The Body Artist

gestern seit langer zeit wiedereinmal am rande meiner geistigen aufnahmefähigkeit gestanden. als ob das hirn nicht nachkommt mit dem cachen.

"I´m away for a while. but there´s no cash on the premises, no drugs, and the pit bull´s tested positive. twice."

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aus einem gespräch über charles mingus: "er begriff den wert, der darin lag, zu weit zu gehen."

und Jahr soll angeblich jeder Mensch an Daten produzieren, sagt das ORF. Hm. Es möge sich bitte melden, wessen Quota ich mitbenutze.